Educational Partners

In order to ensure our commitment to excellence in continuing education, we work with a small number of carefully selected Educational Partners who are all highly regarded stakeholders in the veterinary field. All of our Partners have a strong commitment to practically-oriented training courses, providing veterinary practitioners with cutting-edge knowledge and new practical skills, thus resulting in tangible improvement in patient care and animal welfare across Europe and North America.

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Global Partners

Dechra Veterinary Products

Dechra is committed to helping you care for animals. We do this by providing you with quality products and the very highest level of support. This is why we are one of the fastest growing global brands in the veterinary market.

MAI Animal Health

MAI Animal Health represents a family of multi-faceted manufacturers and brands servicing the Animal Health Industry for over 40 years. Our veterinary experience and manufacturing expertise enables us to supply an extensive line of innovative, practical solutions to enhance the lives of animals and their caregivers in categories including: Containers, Reproduction, Dental, Specialty, Instruments, Nutritionals, and more. MAI Animal Health is THE SOURCE for solutions in animal healthcare. With extensive experience and expertise across multiple veterinary disciplines and species, each of the manufacturers and brands under MAI Animal Health share a core commitment to ongoing research and development to create unique and cutting-edge products. As the manufacturers of the vast majority of products offered, we are able to stand behind reliable, consistent products with unparalleled service and support.

North American Partners

Universal Imaging

Universal Imaging has been the leader in complete diagnostic imaging solutions for over 41 years. Our team is dedicated to the success of our customers by providing the latest imaging technologies, training and service that are unequalled in the industry. We offer sophisticated imaging equipment at affordable prices, enabling veterinarians of all practice sizes to provide superior diagnostic imaging to their patients.

European Partners


Audevard is the only pharmaceutical laboratory in Europe dedicated exclusively to equine health. It also extends to countries worldwide. It produces pharmaceuticals, an extensive range of external care products and nutraceuticals. Audevard nutraceuticals’ popularity comes from guarantees in terms of formulation, ingredient selection, pelleting processes that maintain nutrient integrity and the anti-doping program. Audevard products are only available to end-users through veterinary surgeons, which make them an invaluable part of any veterinary structure.


The first of BEVA’s objectives is the promotion of education and training. BEVA prides itself on providing equine CPD of the highest quality with the emphasis on the expertise of the speakers and the practical components of the courses. BEVA offers subsidised registration for its members.


More than a decade ago, with the goal of Setting New Standards in Price and Performance, SonoScape specialized itself in ultrasound diagnostic systems and transducers. In 2004 SonoScape released the world’s first 15 inch LCD portable color Doppler Ultrasound System. Shortly afterwards SonoScape’s product received FDA approval and CE certification and started to be serviced all over the world. Motivated by our goal, we have established a global R&D team with research centers in China and abroad to make the innovative medical technologies accessible and affordable.  To reach this goal, SonoScape has continuously introduced new medical products and technologies into the market every year. Consequently SonoScape has expanded into the fields of Endoscopy, Electrocardiography and In-Vitro Diagnostics to continue providing better healthcare solutions to the world for the purpose of meeting the diagnostic needs of our worldwide customer base. With the “Vision of Caring for Life through Innovation," SonoScape has developed and manufactured high quality medical equipment which has benefited millions of people. SonoScape products have become indispensable tools for doctors and clinicians world wide when making critical decisions and reducing their workload.