98% of all attendees rated the lectures as being 'good ' or 'excellent'

97% of all attendees found the practical sessions to be 'good' or 'excellent'

96% of all attendees believed the course organisation was 'good' or 'excellent'

Source: VetPD Attendee Feedback forms

“Good practical experience with individual guiding for every level of skills, really good.”

Attendee, Small Animal Emergency Surgery, Germany

“Very educational and enjoyed the small size of the class and interaction.”

Attendee, Back, Sacroiliac & Pelvic Problems of the Horse, Texas

“Good practical sessions, excellent and engaged tutors.”

Attendee, Ultrasound-guided Orthopaedic Injection Techniques & Therapies, Sweden

“Cours pertinent avec beaucoup de rythme (les travaux pratique de l'apres-midi apres la theorie element xxx bonne dynamique).”

Attendee, Equine Hindlimb Lameness Diagnostics & Therapy, Switzerland

“Wish all continuing education was like yours!”

Attendee, Practical Ophthalmology for Equine Practitioners, Alberta

“Excellent balance between theoretical and practical lectures. Very professional and helpful lecturers.”

Attendee, Practical Neurology For Equine Practitioners, Czech Republic

“Very compact and very well planned, gave me a lot of answers.”

Attendee, Musculoskeletal Ultrasound for Equine Practitioners, Norway