Caleb Lund


 United States   

American Specialist in Equine Surgery

Caleb Lund is a fifth-generation rancher, from Lusk, Wyoming. He graduated from Colorado State University with a degree in veterinary medicine. He was an intern veterinarian at Pioneer Equine Hospital, in Oakdale, California, and following his internship he completed an equine surgery residency at Washington State University. Dr. Lund's professional interests include complex lameness diagnosis, upper airway/head conditions, and fracture repair. He has authored papers in peer-reviewed veterinary journals on minimally invasive surgery, complex lameness diagnosis, and abdominal surgery. He has received funding and completed research projects on conditions of the guttural pouch. Dr. Lund currently owns and operates Bridger Veterinary Clinic in Montana, where he works as an equine surgeon. He also serves as a relief surgeon in Montana, Wyoming, and California.