Christian Hagl


After a two-year apprenticeship with Alexander Werner Christian graduated as best of class as farrier. He then worked with Aaron Gygax in Switzerland. This position gave him the opportunity to gain further experience in the international horse industry. In 2014 he went abroad for six-months. During this time, Christian worked with Trevor Sutherland in New Zealand, James Gilchrist in Florida and was also able to gain essential experience at Equine Hospital Rood & Riddle with Scott Morrison and Raul Bras in Kentucky/USA. Coming back to Switzerland, he worked at the equine clinics of Dalchenhof and Neugraben.

In the middle of 2015, Christian set up his own business and continued to work with Aaron Gygax. His international contacts have allowed him to pursue his profession worldwide. He regularly attends further training opportunities and also works closely together with Stefan Wehrli.