Christian Pedersen




 Christian qualified from the Royal Veterinary College of Denmark in 2004 and worked for 2 years in mixed practice (mainly horses) in Denmark before moving to Helsingborg Equine Hospital in 2006. Here he was enrolled into the Swedish specialist program and has worked at all three departments (surgery, internal medicine and orthopedics) before focusing exclusively on orthopedics. In 2011 Christian became Swedish specialist in equine diseases after passing the exam. As a natural consequence of his substantial interest in equine lameness, Christian became a member of the International Society of Equine Locomotor Pathology (ISELP), which is an organization that focuses exclusively on understanding and managing lameness and locomotor pathology in the equine athlete. After completing the eight modules covering the entire equine locomotor apparatus, Christian passed the exam in 2016, which made him a certified ISELP-member.