David Martin


 United Kingdom   

Dave graduated from the University of Liverpool in 1997 and immediately joined Brownlow Vet Group.


Brownlow Vet Group at that time had 5 vets who at the time was  a genuine rural mixed practice with everyone doing everything. Since that time, the practice has grown to 11 vets and has divided into a large animal division  and a small animal division although Dave being unable to make his mind up works in both of them. Brownlow was acquired by IVC Evidensia in 2017.


For the last 20 years Dave has provided veterinary input to welfare investigations initially locally but nowadays both nationally and occasionally internationally. A wide range of Clients have sought and continue to seek his opinion on everything from starved horses, sexually abused dogs through to hamsters with MDMA habits and monkeys smoking cannabis.


 In March 2021 Dave became the Group Animal Welfare Advisor for IVC Evidensia and is involved in as diverse programmes as launching the Non-accidental Injury Helpline and the Welfare Casework Support package through to managing the Care Fund on a Group Wide Basis. He continues to do a considerable amount of forensic and animal welfare related consultancy work on an international basis.