Jennifer Fowlie



American Specialist in Equine Surgery

Jennifer Fowlie graduated from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in Saskatoon, Canada in 2007. The following year she completed an Internship at Moore Equine Veterinary Centre and then spent 3 years at Michigan State University as a Resident in Equine Surgery. During her time at MSU she completed a Masters of Science, with research focusing on meniscal tears in the equine stifle. She has been working in private practice as a surgeon and lameness expert for the past 5 years. She worked for West Wind Veterinary Hospital in Edmonton, Canada and is now presently working at Moore Equine Veterinary Centre in Calgary, Canada. Dr. Fowlie has published several peer-reviewed veterinary journal articles on the equine meniscus and a novel arthroscopic approach to the coffin joint, and has written chapters on the equine stifle in the Equine Surgery and Current Therapy in Equine Medicine textbooks.