Jennifer Rawlinson

BS, DVM, Dipl.AVDC, Dipl.AVDC(Eq)

 United States   

American Specialist in Veterinary Dentistry (Equine)

Dr. Rawlinson graduated from Cornell University Veterinary College in 1998.  After working as a private practitioner for three years, she returned to Cornell as a veterinary educator.  During this time, her interest in Dentistry blossomed, and she was accepted to a residency program in Dentistry and Oral Surgery at the University of Pennsylvania in 2002.  Upon completion of her residency program, she moved back to Ithaca to create the Cornell Dentistry and Oral Surgery Service and develop the dental curriculum to be taught to both large and small animal focused students.  In 2005, she became a Diplomate of the American Veterinary Dental College.  She spent six years as a Lecturer and sole dental faculty member at Cornell providing care for small, equine, livestock, and zoo patients.  During this time, she worked closely with the Cornell Large Animal Soft Tissue Surgery Service to treat equine cases and grow her expertise in equine dentistry.  Although a life change moved her from Cornell in 2011, she maintained her faculty position with Cornell as the equine-farm animal dental care provider until 2013.  In 2013, she accepted an Assistant Professorship with Colorado State University and is once again in the process of building a strong Dentistry and Oral Surgery Service meeting the needs of the Small Animal, Equine, and Livestock Hospitals and developing teaching, research, and continuing education programs.  Dr. Rawlinson is a Founding Diplomate of the AVDC Equine Dental Specialty.