Jenny Sonis


 New Zealand   

New Zealand Registered Equine Medicine Specialist

Jenny is originally from a small town in the northeastern United States, just outside of Boston. Growing up, she spent much of her spare time at a local barn, which was where her passion for horses first developed. She attended the Louisiana State University School of Veterinary Medicine. Upon graduation from veterinary school, Jenny began an internship at Chino Valley Equine Hospital in southern California. After her internship, she completed a residency in large animal internal medicine at Colorado State University. Following her residency, Jenny stayed on at CSU for a year in a clinical position. In 2012, she moved to Lexington, Kentucky to work at the Hagyard Equine Medical Institute at the McGee Medicine Center, spending many hours in the intensive care unit treating critically ill newborn foals. In 2013, she relocated to Auckland, New Zealand where she joined Veterinary Associates Equine and Farm. Since moving to New Zealand, she has returned annually to Hagyard’s for a month-long locum position in an effort to stay current with the latest advances in equine veterinary care. As a diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine and a Registered Equine Medicine Specialist, she is interested in all aspects of equine medicine, but she is particularly passionate about critical care and neonatology.