Josephine Dancy

 New Zealand   

Jospehine is a Society of Master Saddler's Qualified Fitter and has been in the business for 35 years. Josephine has been a rider all her life and owned top level horses competing at both national and International level both in New Zealand and in Europe.  She founded the National Saddle Centre in the UK in 1992 and  brought the concept to NZ when she emigrated in 2002.   Josephine later assisted an employee, Lesley McGill, to take the National Saddle Centre name and methods to Canada and the USA.   NSC's extensive sponsored rider programme helped Jospehine develop the NSC brand by working with many of New Zealand's top riders, with whom she been extensively involved in the development and design of saddles in the last 20 years.    Josephine has also lectured and demonstrated saddle fit to riding clubs and organisations around the world, including Japan.  NSC NZ was sold in September 2017 but Josephine enjoys remaining active as a consultant.