Julius Liptak

BVSc, MVetClinStud, FACVSc, Dipl.ACVS-SA, Dipl.ECVS


European & American Specialist in Small Animal Vererinary Surgery

Dr. Julius Liptak has a passion and commitment to surgical oncology. He developed this interest prior to and during his residency training in Australia. Dr. Liptak was then selected as Fellow in Surgical Oncology at the Animal Cancer Center at Colorado State University, the best recognized and one of the only training programs in the world for veterinary surgical oncologists. Dr. Liptak is an internationally recognized surgical oncologist. He is the co-editor of the seminal veterinary oncology textbook, Withrow and MacEwen's Small Animal Clinical Oncology, with Drs. Vail and Thamm. With three colleagues, Dr. Liptak is also writing the first edition of A Color Atlas of Surgical Oncology of Dogs and Cats. He has over 100 publications in veterinary and human peer-reviewed journals and veterinary textbooks; and is either the first or supervising author on seminal papers on oncologic diseases such as hepatocellular carcinoma, retroperitoneal sarcomas, and chest wall tumors, and surgical procedures including chest wall resections and reconstructions, rectal pull-throughs, and ventral bulla osteotomies.

Dr. Liptak was the founding President of the Veterinary Society of Surgical Oncology. In 2010 he was awarded the Stephen J. Withrow Award for Advancing the Art and Science of Surgical Oncology. In 2012, Dr. Liptak became an ACVS Founding Fellow in Surgical Oncology - one of four in Canada and less than 70 in the world. In 2020, Dr. Liptak was accepted as a RCVS Specialist in Surgical Oncology, one of six in the world. His main interests centre around musculoskeletal oncology and include bone tumors, maxillofacial surgery for oral tumors, chest wall resection and reconstruction for rib tumors, and soft tissue sarcomas, but also soft tissue tumors such as apocrine gland anal sac adenocarcinomas. Dr. Liptak is one of the pioneers in sentinel lymph node mapping and using patient-specific, customized 3D-printed titanium prostheses for oncologic reconstructions.

Dr. Liptak is committed to providing optimum care for animals with cancer and their owners, continuing to provide education to veterinary professionals to optimize the treatment of cancer in animals, and improving the outcome for animals (and people) with cancer through education and research.