Kelvin Lymer


 United Kingdom   

Kelvin has been a farrier for nearly 40 years.  He joined as Endurance Equestrian Team GBR Farrier in 1992 and has supported the Team at multiple World Equestrian Games , European Championships, World Endurance Championships and World Cups, plus he was one of only 3 official farriers at the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008.   The GBR Teams that he has supported have won Bronze, Silver and Gold medals.  His company Sandpitt Forge, is a thriving business and his clients not only include Endurance horses but horses in all disciplines including dressage, eventing, show jumping, driving.   He has trained over twenty apprentices and is involved with treating lame horses at a number of veterinary practices, which has led him into designing sports horseshoes, trying new and different products and different theories which are now been used in a number of scientific trials.