Krissy Collett


 United States   

Krissy graduated in 2002 from Colorado State University with a BS in Equine Science. She then pursued a career in three-day eventing (2002-2007). In late 2007 she moved to Davis and began working for the University of California’s Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital where she started out in Large Animal Intensive Care Unit. In 2010 Krissy began working for the Large Animal Diagnostic Imaging Department where she worked as a radiographer, MRI technician, lab instructor and taught radiography to veterinary students. In late 2014, Krissy left the university to pursue a career in the private sector. She has worked two winter seasons at Palm Beach Equine Clinic where she ran the MRI unit, trained operators and assisted with radiography questions. Currently she is based at Circle Oak Equine Clinic where she is in charge of all imaging production and related education.