Mike Scott



American Specialist in Large Animal Surgery / Equine Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation

Dr. Scott is a double-Boarded Specialist, with certifications in Surgery and in Sports Medicine. He has been practicing medicine at Moore Equine since 1992.

Dr. Scott was the President of the Western Canadian Association of Equine Practitioners for the 2004-2005 year. He has published scientific articles on research projects such as; the development of intra-osseous regional perfusion techniques for treatment of orthopedic infections, congenital Hypothyroidism and Dysmaturity of Foals, Microvascular Free Tissue Transfer Techniques for Wound Repair, Measuring incidence and Prognosis for Osteochondrosis in Draft Horse Breeds.

Dr. Scott graduated from WCVM in 1993. He then completed a one year internship in large animal medicine and surgery at the Ontario Veterinary College at Guelph. In 1997, Dr. Scott completed a three year residency in large animal surgery at WCVM, and attained a Master Veterinary Science degree. Two years later, he became a board certified large animal surgeon. Dr. Scott’s primary areas of interest are orthopedics, arthroscopy, diagnostic imaging, lameness diagnosis, and sports medicine. Dr. Scott has been instrumental in the implementation of Nuclear Scintigraphy at Moore Equine Veterinary Centre.

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