Nicholas Frank


 United States   

American Specialist in Equine Internal Medicine

Dr. Frank grew up in the United Kingdom and then trained in the United States. He received his BSc degree in biology from the University of North Carolina in 1989 and his DVM degree from Purdue University in 1993. After working for two years in private equine practice in Illinois, he returned to Purdue University and completed his large animal medicine residency training and PhD degree. In 2002, Dr. Frank joined the faculty of the University of Tennessee as a clinician and developed research programs in the areas of equine endocrinology, metabolism, gastrointestinal disease, and laminitis. In 2011, he moved to Tufts University in Grafton, Mass. and took the position of academic chair for the Department of Clinical Sciences. He continues to consult on equine internal medicine cases and coordinate clinical research.