Nicole du Toit

BVSc, MSc, CertEP, PhD, Dipl.EVDC(Equine), Dipl.AVDC(Equine), MRCVS

 United Kingdom   

European Veterinary Specialist in Equine Dentistry, American Specialist in Equine Dentistry

Nicole qualified from South Africa in 200 and came straight to the UK into private practice for 2 years. She then commenced an equine residency at Edinburgh where her interest in dentistry started after working with Proffesor Paddy Dixon. She then stayed on to do a PhD in equine dentistry.

Nicole is a European and American diplomate of equine veterinary dentistry has been doing purely veterinary equine dentistry since 2011. She is a Director of The Equine Dental Clinic based in Dorset performing referral work at their clinic and but also travels to other equine hospitals in the U.K. to perform equine dentistry.