Nora Matthews


 United States   

Nora  graduated from veterinary school at Cornell and was in practice (in upstate NY) before returning to Cornell for an anesthesia residency, which I completed in 1985.  I was on faculty at Washington State and Oklahoma State University before going to Texas A & M University in 1989.  I spent 24-1/2years there before retiring in July 2013.  I have always been a clinical anesthesiologist, spending 50% (or more) time on clinics in the teaching hospital.  I became interested in donkeys and mules when I started working with Dr. Tex Taylor at Texas A & M.  Tex was a surgeon who raised Mammoth asses and we collaborated on research until his retirement.  I have published >60 articles in refereed journals and numerous book chapters on anesthesia and analgesia with a sub-specialty in pharmacokinetics and anesthesia of donkeys and mules.  I also have a particular interest in monitoring equipment.  I am past president of the American College of Veterinary Anesthesia and Analgesia and have also spoken at over 150 veterinary meetings, from local to international.  While I have enormously enjoyed my time at universities, I am enjoying being a relief anesthesiologist in various clinics and working with residents in practice.  In addition I fill in as needed at Cornell where I am an adjunct professor.