Norm Ducharme


 United States   

American Specialist in Equine Surgery

Dr. Ducharme has been practicing large animal surgery since 1979.  He received his DVM from the University of Montreal and then completed an internship and residency in Large Animal Surgery at Cornell.  He also received a master’s degree in Large Animal Surgery from the University of Guelph.  He has hospital privileges as Professor of Surgery at Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine and is a board certified Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Surgeons.

He is one of the doctors giving specialty care for horses at Cornell Ruffian Equine Specialists at Belmont Park.

Dr. Ducharme’s research/clinical interests are sports medicine with an emphasis on equine upper respiratory airway physiology at exercise including flow and pressure mechanics, neuromuscular assessment of the neural control of airway patency, characterization of health status and disease (respiratory), and their surgical treatments.

Dr. Ducharme has published approximately 150 airway-related manuscripts he and his collaborators (including two current graduate students) have co-trained 3 post docs, 10 PhDs, 8 Masters Degree students, and 32 surgery residents as well as mentored many pre-DVM and DVM students.