Olivier Geffroy



European Specialist in Equine Surgery & American Specialist in Equine Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation

Olivier Geffroy is a veterinary doctor and a European specialist in veterinary surgery (ECVS) and also an American specialist in sports medicine and rehabilitation (ACVSMR or American College of Veterinary Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation).

Olivier settled as a practitioner in the region of Angers for fifteen years, during which he specialized in equine surgery, while devoting himself to the monitoring of sport horses. From 2005, he became a professor of equine surgery at Oniris ( ENV Nantes ) where he deals with orthopedic surgery, consultation of lameness and continues to follow high performance sports horses in the three Olympic disciplines.

Since November 2017, he has been working at the equine pole of the  Animéa Clinic (La Roche sur Yon), referred orthopedic surgery, in orthopedic consultation, and continues to follow high level sports teams. Olivier Geffroy is also a speaker and author of a large number of articles and clinical cases.