Peter Horobin

Master Saddler, Qualified Saddle Fitter


Peter, although Australian-born, commenced his professional life as an apprentice jockey in England, Germany and France.   He enjoyed success, winning over 50 races, and at one stage held the crown as Germany’s top amateur rider.

It was in Germany that he also began an apprenticeship with the famous Master Saddler brand, Passier.    As the years went by, this “job” became his passion, and one of his first commissions was a presentation bridle for the President of Argentina.   By the time Peter completed his saddle making apprenticeship, he had become too tall and heavy to continue his jockey career, and the dye was cast.

On return to Australia in 1985, Peter started his own saddle making business (originally Ozzie Design saddlery, eventually becoming Peter Horobin Saddlery – PHS), and has become one of Australia’s most successful and iconic saddlers.

Today, PHS is a family business, with Peter’s children Rhys and Marlee deeply involved – Rhys following Peter with both saddle manufacture and custom saddle fitting, while Marlee builds the PHS brand world-wide.

Peter has a life-long strong interest in the mechanics of both horse and rider, and has done intensive research into the anatomy of both in order to develop and manufacture functional innovative designs, including designs with adjustable gullet and panels.   It is the intimate knowledge of horse and rider anatomy that allows a deep understanding of correct saddle fit and, by extension, superior saddle performance.

PHS saddles are now used by many Olympic riders, Grand Prix Dressage and Showjumping riders, top Show riders and instructors in all disciplines, and also top racetrack jockeys.  Today, PHS saddles can be purchased all over the world “off the shelf” or ordered as bespoke, custom-fitted saddles.