Rachel Gottlieb


 United States   

Dr. Rachel Gottlieb graduated from University of California-Davis in 2010 and completed an internship at Northwest Equine Performance, a referral practice near Portland, Oregon dedicated to sports medicine and performance issues in horses.  In 2012, she completed the prestigious Large Animal Ultrasound Fellowship at University of California-Davis under the tutelage of Dr. Mary Beth Whitcomb and Dr. Betsy Vaughan.  She returned to Northwest Equine Performance as an associate veterinarian with a focus on diagnostic ultrasound and recently high power laser therapy.  NWEP is currently the only clinic in the United States offering the FP4 system high power laser therapy as a Center of Excellence.  Dr. Gottlieb was named an Associate Team Veterinarian for the United States Eventing Team, performing ultrasound evaluations prior to team selections for the World Equestrian Games in 2014.