Romain Paillot


 France    United Kingdom   

DiplĂ´me EPHE (MSc equivalent), Immunology, EPHE; Paris (FR)

As a Principal Investigator, my main research focused on immunity and respiratory pathogens (mainly in equids, but also in other veterinary species). My work aimed to improve our understanding of immunity induced by the pathogens during infection and by vaccination and to elucidate specific mechanisms used by pathogens to evade or deregulate the immune response. I have been strongly involved with veterinary vaccine manufacturers, as Study Investigator, in the evaluation of equine vaccines. I have also trained and mentored numerous undergraduate and post-graduate students, and provided University lectures in biological sciences, such as immunology, infectiology and vaccinology. I am now a Senior Lecturer at Writtle University College, which allows me to share my passion for veterinary sciences with the next generation of research associates and scientists.