Stefan Gesell



Fachtierarzt für Pferde, Zusatzbezeichnung Augenheilkunde beim Pferd

Stefan Gesell graduated from the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich in 2001. His doctoral thesis covered the “Intraocular leptospira infection in the horse” and following its completion in 2004 he was awarded a PhD. Stefan was an Academic Associate in the Equine Clinic at LMU until 2007 when he became an Academic Advisor as part of the 'Akademischer Rat' (Academic Council) in the Veterinary Faculty. After an externship in the United States with Dr. Brian Gilger at the North Carolina University in Ohio, Stefan returned to Germany in 2010 to complete his specialisation in Equine Ophthalmology.  During that same year, he took up a post as Assistant Medical Director of the Equine Clinic in Aschheim and remained in that position until 2012. Stefan is currently employed at the Pferdeklinik Parsdorf.