Ty Wallis


 United States   

American Specialist in Equine Veterinary Surgery

Dr. Wallis’s experience includes a one-year internship at Oakridge Equine Hospital in Edmond, OK, followed by a three-year residency and combined masters program in equine surgery and lameness at Colorado State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital in Ft. Collins, CO. He became board certified in large animal surgery in 2009 and is a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Surgeons. He practiced in Tennessee and South Carolina and ultimately teamed up with Dr. Hill.

Dr. Wallis partnered with Dr. Hill in 2012 and co-founded Equine Athlete Veterinary Services. In 2014, he moved back home to Texas and is currently based in Pilot Point, where he focuses on lameness, sports medicine, pre-purchase exams, and orthopedic surgery of equine athletes in training centers throughout the country. He has also been the surgeon for Michigan Equine Surgical Associates since January 2012. He is a member of AVMA, AAEP, ACVS, ISELP, AHA, APAHA, and is an Arabian Show Horse delegate to the AAEP Performance Horse Task Force.