Weston Warnock


 United States   

Working on his family’s cattle operation, Weston wanted to be a bovine vet growing up. Luckily for all of us, he changed his mind while in veterinary school at Texas A&M University. After graduation, he traveled to Salinas, California for a one-year internship with Steinbeck Country Equine Clinic. He returned to Texas where he did a three-year surgical residency at Equine Sports Medicine and Surgery, followed by a stint as a staff surgeon. In 2017 he moved with his wife, Dr. Ricci Karkula, and took a position as a staff surgeon at Elgin Veterinary Hospital. With extensive experience working on Rodeo, Racetrack, and Sport horses, Weston is very versatile.  In addition to surgeries, Weston will also provide a great experience with lameness management and you may even catch him at a show or two with his wife and their newborn son.