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Panel Discussion
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Small Practice (2) – 6-Months (Equine) USD 365.00 -
Small Practice (2) – 12-Months (Equine) USD 640.00 -
Medium Practice (3-4) – 6-Months (Equine) USD 510.00 -
Medium Practice (3-4) – 12-Months (Equine) USD 895.00 -
Large Practice (5-7) – 6-Months (Equine) USD 875.00 -
Large Practice (5-7) – 12-Months (Equine) USD 1550.00 -

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Practice Panel Discussion Membership - Equine


Small Practice 2  Vets/Nurses/Techs From $183USD pp
Medium Practice 3-4  Vets/Nurses/Techs From $128USD pp
Large Practice 5-7  Vets/Nurses/Techs From $125USD pp
Very Large Practice   From $107USD pp


For Very Large Practice Panel Discussion Memberships contact us at info@vetpd.com for a quote.

This Membership provides all staff (vets/nurses/techs) at your practice with 6-months’ or a year’s worth of cutting-edge online continuing education with world-renowned specialists.  The named staff will receive free access to an amazing selection of weekly live online Panel Discussions (3 hrs) on controversial topics with the world’s top experts on each subject.  In addition, they will get free access to the recordings of all past Panel Discussions for on-demand streaming.  The Panel Discussion Membership provides all named staff in your practice with the following benefits:

  • Free access to 22+ or 44+ live Equine Panel Discussions (6- or 12-monthly membership)
  • Free access to all past Equine Panel Discussions (on-demand)
  • 20% discount on all 1- or 2-day Equine VetPD Wetlabs/Courses worldwide
  • 20% discount on all Equine Webinar Series & Individual Webinars
  • Personalised Certificates of Attendance (upon request)
  • Statement of all attended Panel Discussions during membership period

ImagePractice Membership T&Cs

  • The practice will send the names and e-mail addresses of all vets/nurses/techs that will benefit from the Practice Membership. Only named staff will be able to take advantage of the above membership benefits.
  • The 20% discount is valid only during the period of the membership, cannot be carried backward or forward nor be combined with other VetPD discounts.
  • The 20% discount on Individual Webinars & Webinar Series applies to live-streams as well as on-demand viewing of Equine Online Library offerings.
  • The 20% discount applies to 1- or 2-day Equine VetPD Wetlabs/Courses anywhere in the world and is off the regular Wetlab/Course price.
  • VetPD Destination Events are excluded from the 20% discount offer.
  • The membership will renew automatically unless you choose to cancel after receipt of the renewal notice.