Panel Discussion – Nutritional Management of the Obese Horse/Pony

Panel Discussion
Venue: On-Demand Panel Discussion
Contact Hours: 3 Hours
Course Language: English
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Panel Discussion – Nutritional Management of the Obese Horse/Pony


Moderator:Pat Harris MA, PhD, DECVCN, VetMB, MRCVS – Waltham Petcare Science Institute
Panelists:Simon Bailey   BVMS, PhD, FHEA, DECVPT, FRCVS  - Melbourne Veterinary School, Australia
 Myriam Hesta    PhDVetSci, DECVCN - Ghent University, Belgium
 Krishona Martinson  PhD – University of Minnesota, USA



Obesity continues to be a major health and welfare problem in many sectors of the equine industry.  A truly international panel consisting of equine nutritionists and veterinary clinical researchers will discuss the association between obesity, diet, insulin dysregulation and laminitis; research-based nutrition strategies to encourage bodyweight loss; practical management ideas for reaching and maintaining healthy equine bodyweights; and the important role that veterinarians play in the management of obese equids.  Additionally, the panel will debate ways to promote healthy equine bodyweights and obesity prevention.   

The discussion is aimed at practicing equine veterinarians and will provide them with useful tips & tricks and pragmatic strategies that can be implemented in their daily clinical work.  We look forward to many questions and contributions from attendees.


Panel Discussion Registration Process:   Once you have registered and upon payment, you will receive the link to access the on-demand recording for a period of 8 weeks. If you wish to receive a Certificate of Attendance after having viewed the webinar, please get in touch with us and we will send it to you electronically.

  • VetPD

    Pat Harris
    MA, PhD, Dipl.ECVCN, VetMB, MRCVS

    United Kingdom

    European Specialist in Veterinary Clinical & Comparative Nutrition & RCVS Recognized Specialist in Veterinary Clinical Nutrition (eq)
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    After qualifying from Cambridge University, Pat completed her Ph.D. at the Animal Health Trust into the Equine Rhabdomyolysis Syndrome. She joined the Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition (now Waltham Petcare Science Institute) in 1995. As Director of Science for Mars Horsecare and head of the WALTHAM™ Equine Studies Group, she is responsible for their equine research conducted in collaboration with experts at institutes and universities globally. This provides the science behind the SPILLERS™, BUCKEYE™ Nutrition, and WINERGY™ brands. She is also a scientific advisor to MARS EQUESTRIAN™.

    Pat is a European Specialist in Veterinary Clinical and Comparative Nutrition, an RCVS recognized specialist in veterinary clinical nutrition (equine), and a British Equine Veterinary Association Past-President. She is also a member of several international society and charity boards and holds, or has held, a number of academic posts within various institutions around the world.

    Pat lectures internationally on nutrition as it affects the health, welfare, behaviour, and performance of the horse. She is the author or co-author of over 500 scientific papers, abstracts, and book chapters with recent emphasis on obesity, laminitis, and senior horse nutrition. She was the co-editor for the 2021 Veterinary Clinics of North America Equine Practice on Equine Nutrition and co-authored two chapters including one on ‘What would be good for all veterinarians to know about Equine nutrition'.

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  • VetPD

    Krishona Martinson

    United States

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    Krishona Martinson, PhD, MS, is a professor of equine science and leads the University of Minnesota Extension Horse Program and is an equine extension specialist. Her applied research program focuses on improving equine forage utilization. She currently serves on the Equine Science Society board of directors. Along with her daughters, Martinson competes locally in timed events.

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  • VetPD

    Simon Bailey


    European Specialist in Veterinary Pharmacology and Toxicology
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    After time spent in mixed veterinary practice in the UK, Simon undertook his PhD in equine laminitis at the Royal Veterinary College, London. He continued with research in cardiovascular pharmacology and inflammation at the RVC for a further 4 years and then spent two years as a research scientist at the Dorothy Davis Heart and Lung Research Institute at the Ohio State University Medical Center, Columbus, Ohio.

    He then returned to the Royal Veterinary College as a lecturer in 2004 and moved to the University of Melbourne in 2007. He is currently Professor of Veterinary Biosciences and Head of the Department of Veterinary Biociences at the Melbourne Veterinary School. Simon has published more than 100 papers in peer-reviewed journals and his main research areas are endocrinology, equine laminitis, sepsis and cardiovascular pharmacology. He is a member of national and international expert panels on clinical equine endocrinology, has served as Associate Editor of the journals Domestic Animal Endocrinology and The Veterinary Journal, and has been an Associate Editor of the Australian Veterinary Journal for the past 10 years.

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  • VetPD

    Myriam Hesta
    PhD Vet Sci, Dip ECVCN


    European Specialist in Veterinary and Comparative Nutrition
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    In 1996, Myriam Hesta graduated at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Ghent University. In 1997, she started working at the Animal Nutrition Laboratory at the same faculty. She started nutrition consultations at the small animal clinic at the university and in 2001 she successfully passed her ECVCN (European College of Veterinary and Comparative Nutrition) certifying exam. Her main research topic, impact of prebiotic supplementation in dogs and cats, resulted in a PhD degree in 2003. At this moment she is lecturer in companion animal nutrition at the Ghent University. Her current topics of interest are obesity and effect of nutrition on gastrointestinal health in companion animals including horses. In 2011, she started a equine nutrition consultation service for horse owners and veterinarians. A similar service is also available for dogs and cats since a longer period. She is the main supervisor of several ECVCN residents and PhD students.

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