Webinar Series - Backyard Poultry Medicine and Surgery

Avian & Exotic Animals

Venue: On-Demand Webinar Series
Contact Hours: 8 Hours
Course Language: English
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Webinar Series - Backyard Poultry Medicine and Surgery (Recorded September 2020)


Client interest and commitment to Back Yard Poultry, has mushroomed dramatically in the past 6-8 years.  Not only has this created a requirement for clinicians to advance their avian medicine and surgery, an area traditionally not taught at undergraduate level, but also all the complexities of dispensing medication to food producing species, maintaining records etc.. This webinar has been designed for veterinarians in practice, who are working with backyard poultry.

The webinar includes discussions of common backyard poultry diseases, including aetiology, diagnosis and realistic treatment options as well as traditional poultry medicine and flock health. This webinar will take attendees a stage further, to include anaesthesia, diagnostics, common surgical challenges (crop impaction, salpingohysterectomy, fracture repairs). 

Chickens are no longer ‘an agricultural commodity’’, but often a much loved family member, with many clients willing to pursue extensive diagnostic and treatment modalities.


LECTURE LIVE-STREAMING SCHEDULE (Times for live-streams are GMT)

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Date Time (GMT) Speaker Topic Duration
Mon 14 September 19:00 - 19:55 Neil Forbes Introduction, biosecurity, welfare requirements and clinical examination 55 min
Mon 14 September 19:55 - 20:30 Neil Forbes Parasitology (gut and respiratory nematodes, coccidiosis, Histomoniasis and ecto parasites 35 min
Tue 15 September 19:00 - 19:50 Tom Dutton Respiratory Disease, prevention, diagnosis, treatment 45 min
Tue 15 September 19:50 - 20:40 Tom Dutton Other important viral disease 45 min
Wed 16 September 19:00 - 20:00 Neil Forbes UGT, anatomy, physiology, disease and treatment 55 min
Wed 16 September On demand Neil Forbes Avian Anaesthesia 60 min
Wed 16 September 20:00 - 20:50 Neil Forbes Parasitic diseases (Gut and Resp Nematodes, Coccidiosis Histomonas, Ecto parasites) 45 min
Thu 17 September 19:00 - 19:55 Tom Dutton Therapeutics 50 min


Webinar Series Registration:   Once you have registered and upon payment, you will receive an invitation to the webinar series/webinar in due course. The webinar series/webinar will be recorded and after the session has taken place, you will receive the link to access the on-demand recording for a period of 8 weeks. The course fee includes a certificate of attendance, that will be issued once the webinar series/webinar has ended and your attendance has been confirmed.

  • VetPD

    Neil Forbes
    BVetMed, Dip ECZM(avian), FRCVS

    United Kingdom

    European & RCVS Specialist in Avian Medicine
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    Neil qualified from the Royal Veterinary College in 1983. He is a Diplomate of the European College of Zoological Medicine, Specialist in Avian Medicine and an FRCVS. Neil was responsible for teaching avian medicine at Bristol Vet School from 2001–2011. He has lectured internationally for many years, has contributed to more than sixty-five peer review papers and to more than thirty-seven books.  Neil has received multiple national and international awards and is a past President of both, The European College of Zoological Medicine and The European Board of Specialisation.

    Neil headed up Great Western Exotic Vets (part of the Vets Now group) in Swindon, from 2004 to 2017.  He now consults part-time at a range of national and internal locations.  He is otherwise occupied with voluntary conservation work with critically endangered vultures, lecturing, and managing other consultancy instructions.

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  • VetPD

    Tom Dutton
    BVM&S, CertAVP(ZooMed), Dip ECZM(avian), MRCVS

    United Kingdom

    European Specialist in Avian Medicine
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    Tom graduated from Edinburgh University in 2011 then completed a one year rotating internship working extensively with exotic species (raptors and reptiles in particular), before starting his Residency in Avian Medicine at Great Western Exotics in 2012. In January 2014 Tom successfully gained his RCVS CertAVP(ZooMed) and completed his Residency in Avian Medicine in 2015. He obtained his European diploma DipECZM(avian) and European specialist status in 2017. Tom regularly provides lectures internationally on all aspects of exotic animal medicine and care to both veterinarians and nurses. He supervises the only UK based European College of Zoological medicine avian residency programme helping to train the specialists of the future.

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