Ultrasound of the Mid-Distal Limb & Stifle for Equine Practitioners – A 2-Day Practical Course

Date: Fri 16th Nov 2018 - Sat 17th Nov 2018
Venue: Evidensia Specialisthästsjukhuset Strömsholm
Location: Central Sweden (Västerås or Arlanda Airport)
Accredited Hours: 15
Course Language: English (Swedish Moderation)
Price: (net price, no tax will be added)*
Qualified Vet SEK 5400.00 SEK 10800.00
2nd vet, same clinic SEK 5150.00 -
BEVA Member SEK 4600.00 SEK 9200.00
Student SEK 1100.00 SEK 2150.00
Intern (Requires Certification from Clinic) SEK 2700.00 -
Early Booking Deadline: Sunday 7th October 2018
Registration Deadline: Thursday 15th November 2018

* VAT (= MWST/MOMS/SALES TAX) will only be added for certain UK vets attending courses abroad and for all  attendees when attending courses in the UK.


Fri 16 - Sat 17 November 2018 - A 2-Day Practical Course

Please be aware that there are only a limited number of BEVA spaces available.

The registration deadline has been extended as the course is definitely taking place.


This course has been designed to equip the equine clinician with the theoretical knowledge and practical skills needed to make the most of their abilities and ultrasound machine, in the diagnosis and treatment of various equine musculoskeletal conditions affecting the mid and distal frontlimb and hindlimb, including the stifle joint. This course is suitable for all vets aiming to improve their knowledge and skills in this area, as the practical sessions will be adapted to the attendee’s skill level.

The course will run over two days, with a focus on highly illustrated lectures which will be systematically approached:

  • How to get the most out of your ultrasound machine
  • Ultrasonographic Anatomy and Conditions of the Foot & Pastern
  • Digital Flexor Tendon Sheath & Annular Ligament
  • Fetlock Joint Region
  • Flexor Tendons & Check Ligaments
  • Suspensory Ligament – Frontlimb vs. Hindlimb 
  • Carpus & Carpal Sheath
  • Tarsus, Tarsal Bursae & Sheath
  • Stifle Joint Region

The speakers will be sharing invaluable tips/tricks and pearls of wisdom with the attendees during the 7 hours of practical sessions in small groups (2 – 4 vets per ultrasound machine) on live horses.  Each attendee will be able to hone his/her practical skills at the following practical stations:  Machine set-up, foot & pastern, digital flexor tendon sheath, fetlock region, suspensory ligament, a choice of flexor tendons & check ligaments or carpus & carpal sheath, tarsus & tarsal sheath and the stifle joint region.

The course fee includes hot lunches, coffee/tea breaks, the wine & cheese reception, extensive electronic course notes and a certificate of attendance.  On the evening of the first day all attendees are invited to attend the wine & cheese reception. Attendees can choose to only attend the lectures (= Lectures Only) on this course or can register for the entire course (= Lectures & Practical Sessions).   Early course registration is recommended as there are only a limited number of places available due to the highly practical nature of this course.

This course is suitable for RCVS Modules: B-EP.3; C-E.3; C-E.15; C –VDI.5


  • VetPD

    Roger Smith
    MA, VetMB, PhD, FHEA, DEO, Dipl.ECVS, ECVDI Assoc., MRCVS

    United Kingdom

    RCVS and European Specialist in Equine Surgery (Orthopaedics)
    More Info

    Roger is currently Professor of Equine Orthopaedics at the Royal Veterinary College, London, England. He qualified as a veterinary surgeon from Cambridge University  in 1987 and, after 2 years in practice, returned to academia to undertake further clinical training as a Resident in Equine Studies at the Royal Veterinary College. Following his residency, Roger undertook a 3-year research project culminating in the award of a PhD for his studies on the extracellular matrix of equine tendon.  Roger remained at the Royal Veterinary College, first as a Lecturer in Equine Surgery, then as Senior Lecturer in Equine Surgery before his appointment to Professor in Equine Orthopaedics in December 2003. He holds the Diploma of Equine Orthopaedics from the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, and is both a Diplomate of the European College of Veterinary Surgeons and a Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons Specialist in Equine Surgery. Roger currently divides his time equally between running a specialist orthopaedic service within the Royal Veterinary College and continuing to direct research into equine tendon disease. His principal research interests are understanding the pathogenesis of tendon disease, the development of a serological assay for tendonitis, and stem cell therapy for tendons in conjunction with a commercial company, VetCell, which he helped set up.

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  • VetPD

    Andy Fiske-Jackson
    BVSc., MVetMed., FHEA., Dipl.ECVS., MRCVS

    United Kingdom

    European Specialist in Equine Surgery
    More Info

    Andy qualified from the University of Liverpool, UK in 2004. He initially spent three months working for the Society for the Protection of Animals Abroad, a charity caring for working equids, in Morocco. He then spent two years working for a mixed practice doing predominantly farm and equine work. In July 2006 he undertook an eighteen month internship at the Liphook Equine Hospital after which he spent a further six months working as a first opinion equine ambulatory vet for the same practice. In July 2008 he started a residency in equine surgery at the Royal Veterinary College and went on to join the surgical team at the College where he currently works. He became a Diplomate of the European College of Veterinary Surgeons in February 2012. Andy has published several articles in peer reviewed publications and presented at various national and international meetings. His research interests include digital flexor tendon sheath pathology, mesenchymal stem cell application in superficial digital flexor tendonitis and the role of back pain in poor performance.

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  • VetPD

    Chris Baldwin
    BVetMed, MRCVS

    More Info

    Chris graduated from the Royal Vet College, London in 2012 and undertook a 2 year internship at Newmarket Equine Hospital before joining the Arundel Equine Hospital in August 2014. Chris worked as an ambulatory vet for 3 years at Arundel before starting his Surgical Residency training in January 2017 at the new Sussex Equine Hospital. Chris enjoys all aspects of veterinary medicine and surgery but has a particular interest in orthopaedic surgery, sports medicine and upper respiratory conditions of the larynx. When not at work Chris is often found rock climbing or horse riding.


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