Hypercortisolism (Cushing’s Syndrome) - Diagnosis & Treatment

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Recorded on: 4th April 2024


Michaël Bennaïm   DVM, DECVIM-CA - Aquivet Veterinary Hospital Center, France
Ian Ramsey   BVSc, PhD, DECVIM-CA, DSAM, FHEA, FRCVS - University Of Glasgow, UK
Catharine Scott-Moncrieff   Vet MB, MA, MS, DACVIM-SAIM, DECVIM-CA - Purdue University, USA


Ellen Behrend   VMD, PhD, DACVIM - Auburn University College Of Veterinary Medicine, USA



Cushing’s syndrome is one of the most common endocrinopathies in dogs.  Diagnosis remains challenging and how to treat, especially how to monitor therapy, can be controversial.  Questions which commonly arise are:

  • “Which dog should I test for Cushing’s disease?” 
  • “Which diagnostic test(s) should I do considering accuracy and cost?”
  • “Should I recommend surgery or medical treatment and why?”
  • “How do I know my patient is responding to medical therapy and I am not overdosing?”
  • “How do I handle concurrent diseases?”
  • “What if my patient is a cat?”

Join our international panel of world leading experts for a lively discussion on patient selection, diagnostic testing (screening and differentiation), and therapeutic selection and monitoring for dogs and cats with hypercortisolism.  Concise updates on the current state of knowledge will also be included and case studies will be shared. Attending vets' questions and comments will be welcomed.

Catharine Scott-Moncrieff received her Veterinary Degree from the University of Cambridge in 1985. She completed an internship in small animal medicine and surgery at the University of Saskatchewan, Canada, and a residency and Master of Science degree in internal medicine at Purdue University. In 1989 she joined the faculty of Purdue University, where she is currently Professor of small animal internal medicine and head of the Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences. She is a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (small animal), and the European College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (companion animal). Her research and clinical interests are canine and feline endocrinology and she is an author of more than 70 peer reviewed publications in small animal endocrinology and internal medicine.

Dr. Ellen Behrend received her VMD from the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine in 1988, followed by a one-year internship in Small Animal Medicine and Surgery at Michigan State University and then two years in private practice. Dr. Behrend finished both a residency in Small Animal Internal Medicine and a Master’s Degree at Colorado State University in 1994, and she completed a fellowship in Endocrinology in 1998 and a Ph.D. in 2001 from Auburn University. Dr. Behrend has served as a consultant for the Auburn University Endocrine Diagnostic Service since 1994 and VIN since 1998. She is currently the Joezy Griffin Professor in the Department of Clinical Sciences and an Auburn University Alumni Professor. She has authored or co-authored approximately 70 abstracts, 65 journal articles and 35 book chapters as well as serving as section editor for five textbook editions. Dr. Behrend is board-certified by the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (Small Animal Internal Medicine) and is a member of the College’s Board of Regents.

Ian Ramsey is the Professor of Small Animal Medicine at the University of Glasgow. He graduated from the University of Liverpool and obtained his PhD in feline infectious diseases from Glasgow.

He was awarded both the UK and European diplomas in small animal medicine during his residency at the University of Cambridge. He is an RCVS and European recognized specialist in small animal medicine  and a Fellow of the RCVS.

He has lectured extensively, both nationally and internationally, and has published nearly 100 scientific papers, review articles and book chapters in many aspects of small animal medicine.

He was awarded the BSAVA Woodrow Award for contributions to small animal medicine in 2015 and served as the president of the BSAVA from 2020-21.

Michael Bennaïm graduated from the University of Liège (Belgium) in 2012. After completing an internship at the same university, he worked in the U.K. at the Animal Health Trust, a charity dedicated to animal health and welfare. 

In 2014, he undertook an ECVIM-CA residency program at University College Dublin (Ireland). Concurrently, he conducted research on the diagnosis of hypothyroidism and spontaneous hypercortisolism in dogs and successfully defended a doctoral thesis on this topic in 2018. He has been an ECVIM-CA diplomate since 2019. 

Over the last five years, Michael Bennaïm has been practicing in a private referral center in south of France (Bordeaux), where he currently leads the internal medicine department. Michael Bennaïm remains involved in research, primarily focusing on the field of small animal endocrinology. Furthermore, he is actively involved in interns and residents training as well as continuous professional development of primary care veterinary surgeons. 

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