Corneal Ulcers - Simple, Infected, Non-Healing or OH MY?!?!?

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Recorded on: 20th April 2023


Rachel Allbaugh   DVM, MS, DACVO - Iowa State University, USA
Maria-Christine Fischer   Dr.Med.Vet., DECVO, PGCertVetEd, MRCVS - Royal Veterinary College, UK
Tomo Wiggans   DVM, MEng, DACVO - Sage Veterinary Centers, USA


Lionel Sebbag   DVM, PhD, DACVO - Koret School of Veterinary Medicine, Israel



Corneal ulceration is common in veterinary medicine, representing a painful ocular disease that can result in loss of vision and/or globe if not managed promptly and appropriately.   

Join our panel of internationally-renowned veterinary ophthalmologists as they discuss clinically useful information regarding the diagnosis and management of corneal ulcers in veterinary medicine. For instance, if a corneal ulcer does not heal as rapidly as expected, one may need to change one’s diagnosis (e.g., what prevents the ulcer from healing appropriately), not the antibiotic. The panel will discuss simple corneal ulcers (superficial, non-infected), as well as spontaneous chronic corneal epithelial defects (SCCEDs, also known as ‘indolent’ or ‘Boxer’ ulcers), and infected corneal ulcers. There will be plenty of opportunity for questions and debate during the panel discussion.    


Dr. Sebbag obtained his Veterinary Medical Degree from the National Veterinary School of Toulouse (France). He then completed a rotating internship at Kansas State University before pursuing a residency in Comparative Ophthalmology at the University of California-Davis. Dr. Sebbag currently holds a position as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences (Ophthalmology service) at Iowa State University, where he completed a Ph.D. in Biomedical Sciences focused on pharmacology and ocular disease models. He is a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists (ACVO), and his clinical and research interests include ocular surface diseases, tear film biology and innovations in drug delivery to the eye.

Maria-Christine graduated from Ludwig-Maximillians-University of Munich. After working as a clinician in the small animal surgical department of Ludwig-Maximillians-University and completing a doctoral thesis on canine cataracts, she joined Dick White Referrals as an ECVO resident. Maria-Christine is now a European Veterinary Specialist in Ophthalmology and lecturer at Royal Veterinary College in London. 

Dr. Allbaugh is originally from Iowa, USA and received her DVM degree from Iowa State University in 2004 then went on to complete a rotating internship at Carolina Veterinary Specialists in North Carolina, USA. She completed a veterinary ophthalmology residency at Kansas State University in Kansas, USA and was on faculty from 2008-2011. In 2011 Dr. Allbaugh returned to Iowa and is currently an Associate Professor at Iowa State University. Dr. Allbaugh’s passion for veterinary ophthalmology began with her childhood cat's nearly blinding eye disease. Since that time, she has been devoted to the field, enjoying clinical practice, teaching, and research involving animal eyes across species.

Dr. Allbaugh not only regularly publishes articles and speaks at conferences but helps to serve the profession through active participation in numerous professional organizations. In her free time, Dr. Allbaugh loves spending time with her family and friends, as well as riding her horses, playing sports, hiking, and any other outdoor activity.

Originally from Maryland, he attended Cornell University, earning a Bachelor of Science in 2001 followed by a Master of Engineering in 2002. He worked as an engineer for several years before changing course to pursue veterinary medicine.

He attended veterinary school at UC Davis, graduating in 2010. Dr. Wiggans then went on to complete a rotating internship and specialty fellowship at Colorado State University before completing a three-year residency in comparative veterinary ophthalmology at UC Davis. He became a board-certified veterinary ophthalmologist in 2015. Dr. Wiggans has been practicing in the San Francisco Bay Area since completing his residency.

In his spare time, Tomo enjoys traveling, photography (mostly landscapes, cityscapes, and macrophotography), and baking (with a fondness for pies). He shares his home with one dog, four cats, a flock of backyard chickens and ducks.

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